Your Dream Career As An Online Fitness Coach Made Simple

The Fitness Online Coaching Academy is an all-inclusive certificate program for aspiring online fitness coaches who want to gain not only the foundational fitness and nutritional knowledge they need but also the real-world coaching application guidance necessary to know what to do with that information. FOCA aims to guide coaches through the information in an easy-to-understand way and show them how they can utilize that information in practice while working with clients. In turn, these coaches will be able to feel the confidence they desire when taking on new clients, knowing that they can truly help them reach their goals.

We are here to help cultivate knowledgeable, effective and life-changing transformational coaches who want to make a lasting change in their clients' lives. We want our student coaches to feel deeply fulfilled in their work and be able to make a living doing what they love.

Join us inside Fitness Online Coaching Academy for a learning experience that will provide you with total confidence along your journey to becoming the best coach a client could ask for!


Nutritional Science

This course will teach you the basics of nutrition, and how they practically apply to your practice as an online fitness coach. You will be learning from 11 different lessons on nutrition, including micronutrients, macronutrients, metabolism, caloric deficits and surpluses, hormones, fasting, and more! 

Training Methodology

This course will teach you the basics of (in-gym) fitness training, and how they specifically apply to your practice as an online coach. You will be mastering warming up, stretching, mobility, strength building and muscle building, program design, fundamental movement patterns, cardio, and more!

Client Assessment & Communication

You will be learning the basics of how to assess your clients online, set goals with them, check in with them, and adjust their nutrition and training programs. You'll also be learning about the importance of the coach client relationship communication structure, and the scope of practice of an online fitness coach. 

Fitness Business & Brand Building

This course will teach you how to turn your newfound coaching knowledge and skills into a real, profitable, thriving online business! This module includes some of the best tips and tricks used by successful online coaches in lead generation, time efficiency, social media leveraging, pricing services, and setting up ...

Get certified in the science & secrets of the industry's most successful online fitness coaches.


The thing about the online coaching space is it’s getting more and more saturated. When I started I was lucky. I was one of the few people offering high end coaching services online, and most coaches didn’t join because they thought it would never actually work. ..."

"I’ve been a personal trainer and an online trainer for just over four years now, and through expanding my business and trying to learn the ins and outs I can confidently say that I’ve looked over nearly EVERYTHING available to fitness professionals that is supposed to  ..."

"The Fitness Online Coaching Academy really leveled up my skills as a lifestyle fitness coach! I began online coaching when I was struggling to gain in-person clients due to the high saturation of trainers where I live in New York City. However, even when I began online coaching, ..."

"I have purchased courses for nutrition and fitness through other Academies/Companies, and FOCA is by far more detailed and up-to-date on today’s scientific research and social media online coaching. I have my own online fitness coaching business that’s been doing pretty well, but now that I have obtained ..."