About Us

The Fitness Online Coaching Academy is an all-inclusive certificate program for aspiring online fitness coaches who want gain not only the the foundational fitness and nutritional knowledge they need, but also the real-world coaching application guidance necessary to know what to do with that information.

Our FOCA students are committed to learning, becoming better coaches, and changing their clients' lives for the better. When you really dig in, go through the course material, apply yourself, and use all of the tools at your disposal, we have full faith that you will be an absolutely AMAZING coach that knows HOW to help your clients reach their fitness goals.

Meet your mentors

William Grazione and Amanda Bucci are the coach, client, and business partner combo who have created this comprehensive program in order to cultivate knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive coaches like they both have been to their clients! They are both experts in the industry of online fitness coaching and are here to help you become a coach that can transform your clients' lives

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YouTube Personality, Podcast Host of Bucci Radio, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitness Online Coaching Academy. Has a reach of over 600 thousand people through her social media platforms. As a previous online fitness coach, she decided to become a part of the top of the umbrella to bring people together and educate other online fitness coaches to serve their clients better and be a part of the solution to create more effective, compassionate, and powerful online coaches through her online courses. - B.S.N Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

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With a tough life growing up, William worked three jobs at one point - one of which was being an in-person trainer. He eventually transitioned into coaching his clients online, and has since coached hundreds of online clients from gym beginners and lifestyle clients, to professional bodybuilders and incredibly high-level powerlifters over the last decade. William has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and is an NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder. He is also the owner of Metabolic Evolution and the Co-Founder of the Fitness Online Coaching Academy.



Kara Corey

Kara Corey, MA, RD, is a Registered Dietitian with over 10 years’ experience working in the field of Dietetics helping others achieve a healthier & happier life. Kara’s passion for health and fitness carried her into the competitive world of bodybuilding where she became a WNBF Bikini Pro. On top of competing in the world of bodybuilding Kara is also a Marathon Runner and competed in over 14 marathons. Kara understands how impactful proper nutrition, combined with fitness, is to a person's whole being – mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is seen through her YouTube Channel “Kara Corey Fit Life” that promotes a healthy, sustainable lifestyle through science based information and sharing her own experiences. Creator of the supplement line RD Nutrition, Kara also offers online coaching and is a sponsored athlete for MTS Nutrition, as well as Angel Competition Bikinis.


Jerica Bornstein

Jerica Bornstein is currently in the process of obtaining her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin. She studies how our close relationships affect our physical and mental health, as well as health behaviors. Jerica is particularly interested in how our social support systems and close relationships help or hinder our health goals. Her areas of expertise include: social support, stress, health behavior change, self-control, motivation, goal pursuit, romantic relationships, and communication. On top of rocking out grad school, Jerica is also a nationally qualified collegiate powerlifter, flexible dieter, and a huge foodie!


PJ Nestler

Coach PJ is a human performance specialist with over a decade of experience preparing top athletes for competition. Over the past ten years, Coach PJ has trained dozens of athletes from the UFC, NFL, NHL and MLB. His passion for combat sports and commitment to excellence has driven him to become a leader in combat sports performance training. PJ has worked extensively with over 100 fighters, including multiple Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions and Top 10 ranked UFC fighters. Through application of his progressive training philosophy and unique approach to every situation, Coach PJ continues to raise the bar for fitness professionals. He has emerged as a sought after expert in human performance and trainer education.