Jordan Syatt

"The thing about the online coaching space is it’s getting more and more saturated. When I started I was lucky. I was one of the few people offering high end coaching services online, and most coaches didn’t join because they thought it would never actually work. Well, now we know it works (very well) and it’s harder than ever to get your name/brand out because every other coach is trying to do the same thing. I have absolutely zero financial interest in promoting FOCA. I’m just an advocate of high quality content, and if you’re a personal trainer trying (or wanting) to build your online coaching business and take it to the next level (or just go straight to the top), FOCA is a goldmine. It won’t do the work for you — you’ve still gotta put some damn effort in — but it does give you a detailed roadmap to success. And it has my full, 100% backing."


– Jordan Syatt, Online Fitness Coach, Coach to Gary Vee, @SyattFitness, www.syattfitness.com


Justin Mihaly

“I’ve been a personal trainer and an online trainer for just over four years now, and through expanding my business and trying to learn the ins and outs I can confidently say that I’ve looked over nearly EVERYTHING available to fitness professionals that is supposed to expand their knowledge or promote growth in their business. With 100% certainty, not a single one of them was as in-depth, as accurate, nor as user friendly as the Fitness Online Coaching Academy. It was constructed with only things we, fitness professionals, need to know in order to help our clients, maintain our clients, and grow our clientele. THIS is the schooling and education needed to become successful in the fitness industry.

It’s refreshing to see a program put together with the goal of making the fitness industry a better and more educated place as the purpose behind it. I can say, with zero hesitation, if you apply yourself and soak up every ounce of knowledge you can from FOCA then you will become a more educated trainer and have a more efficient business. Excellent work to the entire team behind FOCA and thank you, Amanda, for being a positive and well-constructed voice in this industry. This truly separated you as a role model.”


– Justin Mihaly @jmihalyfit of mihalyfit.com



Noah Banks

“The Fitness Online Coaching Academy really leveled up my skills as a lifestyle fitness coach! I began online coaching when I was struggling to gain in-person clients due to the high saturation of trainers where I live in New York City. However, even when I began online coaching, I still didn’t have the right structure that seemed to work and really gain traction. FOCA really changed the game for me! You can tell Amanda and Will put an incredible amount of time into making this course one of the best online fitness coaching courses out there. The content is rich in information regarding nutrition, programming, and setting up your online coaching business. It’s like I got a nutrition, personal training, and entrepreneurship education all in one!! Each module is presented in a way that is easy to follow and highlights the key takeaways for each topic, which is crucial when simplifying complicated explanations to my clients. I have been able to step up my online coaching business 110% and I look forward to using the knowledge I gained from this academy for many years to come! Thank you FOCA!”


– Noah Banks, H.Y.P.E Lifestyle Fitness Coach http://embracethehype.net. @noahcbanks


Christina Sullivan

“The Fitness Online Coaching Academy is a certificate program that will actually teach you how to be a coach.  I spent time and money studying how to become a personal trainer through a very big and well known certification company and I don’t remember one thing from my studies.  The first few hundred pages were mostly words I couldn’t even pronounce. I was reading but not learning anything.  FOCA teaches you how to work with all types of people and how to adjust their training and nutrition in verbiage you can actually understand! Not only does this course teach you how to become a coach, it teaches you what you need to know to start your own online coaching business! No other program talks about branding and marketing yourself, which is incredibly valuable information for your future as a coach.  If your dream has been to work for yourself and changes people’s lives, you need to start with FOCA.  You will gain the confidence and knowledge to start your business and be an awesome online coach!”


– Christina Sullivan, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach @xtinasullivan


Rachel Travis

“I have purchased courses for nutrition and fitness through other Academies/Companies, and FOCA is by far more detailed and up-to-date on today’s scientific research and social media online coaching. I have my own online fitness coaching business that’s been doing pretty well, but now that I have obtained my FOCA Certificate, I feel so much more knowledgeable, confident, and empowered to take my business to the next level. I am ready to take on more clients, implement new strategies, and boost my clients’ self confidence. Previous certs from other companies that I have gone through are very dry, VERY outdated, very standard, and never had as much information on how to actually BE A COACH. Thank you FOCA!”


– Rachel Travis, Online Fitness Coach, @faith.macros.barbells